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You can feel the Spirit of God in the atmosphere. Giving everyone with an issue or setback an opportunity to worship him in spirit and truth. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Don’t ever leave the same way you came!!


Pastor Cooper is a product of a Christian upbringing. He graduated from Luther Johnson Price High School in 1968.  Pastor Cooper was drafted to serve our country in the U.S. Army and then entering the workforce upon returning home. Pastor Cooper has a very strong work ethic; he has enjoyed a career with one employer for over twenty-five years, Norfolk Southern Railroad.


He answered the call to the ministry in 1979 and was appointed the Pastor of the Valley View Church of God in Christ in the year 2000.  He is a Bible Scholar, Teacher, Counselor, and Comforter.


In an effort to further equip himself for ministry, Pastor Cooper attended Beulah Heights Bible College.  In addition, he has completed various courses at Interdenominational Theological Seminary and MWE School of Ministry.  All of these life experiences that Pastor Cooper has gone through have equipped him with the tools needed to serve faithfully and untiringly in ministry. In addition, Pastor Cooper has worked with the community by hosting the Stonewall Heritage Community Association meetings.


In May 2002, Pastor Cooper was united in marriage to Brenda Cooper.  He is the proud father of one son, Minister Gary Cooper, Jr.


With a heart of compassion and a great attitude, Pastor Cooper fulfills his commitment to the Lord by producing leaders for kingdom work. He places great emphasis on prayer and the study of the Word of God.


The Lord gave Pastor Cooper the mission of the Valley View Church of God in Christ which is to “Encourage, Empower and Equip the People of God.” Realizing the need to restore God’s house, the Lord moved upon Pastor Cooper to go through a major renovation of the Valley View church.  Being a dreamer and visionary, he began the renovation process in 2007 with the support of the Valley View Church Family.  Being connected in love and service with great faith and much prayer, Pastor Cooper moved forward with the vision of the “New View”. With this vision, the Lord provided provision by giving him the wisdom and knowledge to complete this great work.

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As a living example of servitude to God, Pastor Cooper encourages the members of the “New View” to follow him as he follows Christ.  He preaches and teaches prophetically faith and encouragement to the congregation, nurturing new converts in the new sanctuary of the Lord’s House. He has demonstrated a life of sacrifice, love, and passion for the ministry.


Dynamically driven, focused, determined, he is appointed for such a time as this! Pastor Cooper continues to look to the Lord to equip him for the work of the ministry as he answers the call of God upon his life.


Lady Cooper is a “A Young Woman of Faith and Power” and the First Lady of Valley View Church of God in Christ. She is a product of Christian upbringing. At a young age, she was taught the true meaning of holiness in her home and church, and therefore accepted Christ into her life at an early age.

In May 2002, Lady Brenda Duggan united in marriage with Pastor Gary Cooper. As a praying wife, she petitions God for her husband and the Valley View Church Family.  She does not compete with her husband; she completes him! “She is his help mate.”  First Lady walks by her husband’s side, dedicated and consecrated, ready to be used by God.

Additionally, the Lord also blessed Lady Cooper to grow in knowledge by matriculating through college, earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Shorter College in 1995 and a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University in 2000. Lady Cooper has a very strong work ethic; she has enjoyed a career with one employer, Georgia Systems Operations Corporation, for approximately 34 years. All of these life experiences that Lady Cooper has gone through have equipped her with the tools needed to serve faithfully and untiringly in ministry.

Lady Cooper is an equipped woman of God who is a lady of excellence in all of her endeavors. She serves faithfully in various capacities at Valley View COGIC, giving of her time and talents in support of the ministry. Her primary focus is her role as President of the Women’s Department. Lady Cooper trains the ladies in leadership to work in unity with the Pastor’s vision. Her purpose is to fulfill the diverse needs of the women in the church. To meet this goal, she sponsors conferences, fellowships, retreats and other special events for the women. Lady Cooper serves with a humble attitude. She leads Sunday morning prayer and involves the women in various aspects of the ministry.  Lady Cooper loves the Lord with all of her heart. She is truly a servant of the Most High God.


The Valley View Family is a body of people where one is no greater than the other. All departments and/or events are supported by the Body of Christ.

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